Britain’s Ultimate Pilots – Inside The RAF

A four part Documentary series for BBC2 looking inside the world of four RAF Display teams over the summer display season featuring innovative filming techniques and requiring a comprehensive knowledge of aircraft systems and radio equipment for a dramatic soundtrack.

Red Arrows Inside the Bubble

Filmed during their 50th Display Season and with amazing access to the teams winter training routine,this 60 minute documentary is notable for its amazing in flight sequences,featuring technically unprecidented “in cockpit” footage and sound and documentary coverage of the “ups and downs” of the teams preparations for display.  

Fighting the War

For the first time documentary crews were embedded with the British Military forces as the Second Gulf War was fought in Iraq,to show just how a war is fought.With total access to the whole machine from the Secretary of state for defence through the chain of command this insightful documentary series shows just what it […]

Jungle Gold

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